Test Equipment Calibration


Traceable Calibration

All our calibration transfer standards, calibrators, equipment and standards have traceable UKAS current certificates and are maintained within an environment that maintains the highest accuracy.
Our traceable certificates are available to view if required.

When we quote calibration uncertainty for our equipment it is based on the 1 year figures. Our +/- calibration uncertainty is printed on the table of results issued with every instrument.

Our working environment is maintained at a temperature of 20°C ± 2°C, Humidity RH 40 – 70%. to maintain the highest accuracy from our equipment.

All customer test results are recorded automatically by our calibration software. We use Transmilles Pro Cal software to automatically control our calibration equipment, record readings and provide a comprehensive set of calibration procedures. This helps to reduce any errors in the calibration process.

All customer calibration results are stored for a minimum period of 3 years or 1 year after the next cal due date.

We maintain our UKAS traceable standards are calibrated at regular intervals by a UKAS Laboratory. We then keep all our calibration equipment within a controlled temperature environment to maintain the highest traceability accuracy throughout our range of measurements. Lab temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and logged by a data logger.

We publish our calibration uncertainties on all our calibration documentation sent to our customers. 

Repair and Test

We have a separate repair and test area for fault finding, testing and repair of test equipment. We can monitor and soak test suspected equipment with faults. We hold some parts and a range of components.

Where we are unable to repair equipment and an item is still supported we will send it back to the manufacturers on your behalf for a repair cost, this will be at cost price. Obviously we will be in contact through the process for approval on any repair that may be required.

Multimeter Calibration

Bench and Portable Handheld
DC Volts, AC Volts, DC Current, AC Current, Frequency, Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Simulated Temperature

Electrical Test Equipment

We have invested in state of the art calibration equipment to maintain accuracy and serviceability. All our calibration equipment has a current UKAS certificate traceable back to national standards.

Multifunction Testers, Pat Testers, Insulation, Continuity and Earth Testers.

We calibrate Fluke, Megger instruments and Kewtech range of Multifunction Testers as well as stand alone insulation, earth loop impeadance and earth ground testers.
We can also calibrate a wide range of PAT testers.

RF Frequency Source and Reading

We have a traceable RF frequency capability of up to 1GHz source and 3 GHz reading.

Oscilloscope Calibration

We calibrate analogue and digital oscilloscopes up to a maximum bandwidth of 1GHz, please enquire about models

Temperature Calibration

IR Temperature Instrument Calibration

All handheld IR Temperature instruments calibrated. Range span limit 50°C to 500°C in 0.1°C steps.

3,5 and 8 point calibration options, traceable through UKAS certification.

Digital Thermometers

PT100 and thermocouple input digital thermometers calibrated to UKAS traceable standards.

Bench, handheld, dataloggers, PID temperature controllers.

Absolute traceable uncertainty of measurement plus/minus 0.025°C

Temperature Probes

Various types and diameter PT100 and thermocouple probes calibrated. Traceable readings at various points up to a maximum temperature of 400°C.

Safety Checks

We will carry out a visual inspection of all equipment prior to calibration, any defects found will be reported to the customer for further action.
All mains sourced equipment will be subject to a PAT test before leaving our premises to ensure the equipment is safe to use.

Calibration Procedures

We have a large library of written calibration procedures as part of our Quality Control system, these procedures are used in conjunction with manufacturers specifications and service manuals to carry out the calibration process. Procedures are also held on our calibration software to determine equipment pass and fail limits during test.

Control Documentation

With each instrument calibrated we provide to the customer the following documentation:

  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Engineers Report
  • Calibration Readings +/- Uncertainty values
  • The documentation above will be delivered with the test equipment including a delivery note.

    Instruments will be labelled with a calibration sticker that has the calibration date, due date, equipment serial number and a certificate reference number that links everything together. Tamper proof seals are also used to give an indication of un-authorize tamper.

    We use ProCal calibration software to ensure all our procedures and history is stored in a reliable and efficient way.

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