Test Equipment Calibration


Who We Are

We are a small electrical instrument calibration facility based in Colchester,Essex. Manex USL is not a new business and has been established for 15 years. We have been involved with instrumentation and mainly site calibration for many years as part of our business. Another part has been instrument systems and special applications of process measurement and design.

This year we have set up a calibration facility for electrical test equipment in our home town. We have considered this for a number of years, as this area of Essex is poorly served on a local level for this type of service industry, but because the investment to purchase the standards and test equipment is so high, has been a factor why we have not done so before. We believe now is the time, the market for quality systems and quality control has led to an increase within the instrument and test equipment market place for regular calibration for electrical test equipment outside of larger manufacturers and industry.

Our aim is to provide a top quality service that can be relied upon at a competitive price that will be second to none in the calibration and instrument repair sector as we move forward and expand our business in the future.

Our Background

For those of you who remember the General Electric Company (GEC) will note that this was one of the largest employers within Essex. Local Electronics and Radar companies as Marconi in Chelmsford and British Aerospace to name another were large employers and training establishments in the 1980’s that provided a good training background in Electrical Engineering for engineers and technicians. In house calibration of test equipment was part of this and our experience stems from these facilities training and development systems.

I worked for GEC in many forms over the years and in the late 80’s went to a company called Microtec Calibration Services Ltd based in Maldon. We were an approved calibration sub contract company for Marconi and EEV in Chelmsford and Witham as well as many other smaller electronic companies within the surrounding area. So now I hope you will have an insight to our competency and background and a brief explanation of who we are.

I look forward to this new venture of ours so we can make many more new contacts in the future by offering a calibration service that will meet your expectations and requirements at all levels.

David Baxter (IEng)

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